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PhD Studentship (Funded)

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Most recently released opportunities are listed first
Reference Title Division/Prof Service Closing Date
894917AK PhD Studentship: A numerical study on aerofoil trailing edge noise and its reduction methods for the next-generation wind turbines Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 10/07/2018
895017AK PhD Studentship: Sparsity-promoting reduced order modelling techniques for separated turbulent flows Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 31/08/2017
895117AK PhD Studentship: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design: Computational Fluid Dynamics to Testing in a Flight Simulator Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 31/08/2017
895217AK PhD Studentship: Determining Closure Coefficients of Turbulence Models Using Machine Learning Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 31/08/2017
859117AK PhD Studentship: Next-generation low-noise hydrofoil-blade design Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 30/08/2018
852417AK PhD Studentship: Multi-fidelity aero-servo-elastic framework for higher performance aircraft Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 31/08/2017
822516AK PhD Studentship: Flow Modelling and Control for Agile Delta Wings Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/09/2017
822716AK PhD Studentship: Cavity collapses in complex geometries Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/12/2017
723316AK PhD Studentship: Increasing the Performance and Reducing the Energy Use of Domestic and Commercial Shower Systems Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/09/2017
686316AK PhD Studentship: Adaptive high-dimensional computational methods for turbulent combustion. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 20/12/2017
682616AK PhD Studentship: Modelling the flow of glass during the draw of microstructure optical fibres. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 22/12/2017
676216AK PhD Studentship: Flow Modelling and Control for Agile Delta Wings. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 20/12/2017
661615AK PhD Studentship: Computational Solution of Plasma for Aerodynamics and Spacecraft Applications. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 20/12/2017
824617PJ Modelling biofilm dynamics (PhD studensthip) Mathematical Sciences 10/01/2018
899417AK PhD Studentship: A MEMS Optical Switch for a Miniature Wide-band Radiometer for Terrestrial and Space Applications Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 21/07/2018
831417AK PhD Studentship: Numerical and Experimental Study on Plasma and Electromagnetic Wave Interaction in a Weakly Ionized Flow Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 26/01/2018
818316AK PhD Studentship: Development of an Integrated Microwave Propulsion Architecture for Telecommunication Satellites Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 15/12/2017
781716AK PhD Studentship: Development of the Inductive Cathode Arc Thruster (iCAT) for highly efficient spacecraft propulsion Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 15/09/2017
780716AK PhD Studentship: 3D Printing for Future Satellite Design Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 13/09/2017
816916BX PhD Studentship: Digital histopathology resource for image-based diagnosis Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/12/2017
817216BX PhD Studentship: Modulating mechanobiology and blood supply to improve bone strength in Paget’s disease Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/12/2017
710816BX PhD Studentship: A fusion of in vivo Neutron and X-ray Computed Tomography to understand water dynamics in biological systems Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/09/2017
503214BX PhD Studentship: Examination of healthy and diseased bone at the cellular level to inform computational modelling of bone mechanotransduction Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/12/2017
907617EB PhD Studentship in Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery – Optimising the activity of a cyclic peptide protein-protein interaction inhibitor Chemistry 30/11/2017
879917EB PhD Studentship – An investigation of the properties of Nanoelectrodes and Nanopores using new electroanalytical techniques Chemistry 30/09/2017
879117EB PhD Studentship – The Study of Deposit Formation Chemistry in Gasoline Fuels and Gasoline Direct Injector (GDI) Systems by Mass Spectrometry and other Analytical Techniques. Chemistry 31/08/2017
862717EB PhD Studentship – Sustainable Routes to High Value Scaffolds Chemistry 31/08/2017
853517EB PhD Studentship – Stable and high efficiency electro optic Polymer synthesis for low power optical sensor interconnects Chemistry 31/08/2017
823317EB PhD Studentship – Realistic simulations of supported metal nanoparticle catalysts Chemistry 31/08/2017
822416EB PhD Studentship – Synthetic organic chemistry approaches for the mimicry and modification of therapeutically relevant proteins Chemistry 31/08/2017
820116EB PhD Studentship – Hyperpolarized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemistry 31/08/2017
883817FC PhD studentship: The impact of natural genetic variation on ruminant immune responses Clinical and Experimental Sciences 06/10/2017
715916AK PhD Studentship: Design Optimization in the Presence of Topological Variations Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/09/2017
689316AK PhD Studentship: Modelling aggregation processes of magnetic nanostructures in cellular environments Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 31/08/2017
686216AK PhD Studentship: Design under uncertainty of a shape memory alloy replacement heart valve. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 20/12/2017
893217KR PhD Studentship: Acoustic Monitoring of Gas Leaks in Pipes using Optical Fibres. ISVR 04/07/2018
CMEES-INF-330 PhD Studentship: Innovative engineering and scientific design of methane oxidising biofilters to control greenhouse gas emissions Education Hub (Engineering & the Env) 30/09/2017
659215MM PhD Studentship: A Flight Dynamics and Control Computational Framework for Morphing Aircraft. Education Hub (Engineering & the Env) 20/12/2017
659615MM PhD Studentship: Efficient algorithms for simulating biofilm formation. Education Hub (Engineering & the Env) 20/12/2017
659815MM PhD Studentship:Investigating systemic risk, moral hazard, and regulatory policies in networks of connected banks. Education Hub (Engineering & the Env) 20/12/2017
885317BX PhD Studentship: Multifunctional agents for ultrasound-mediated treatment of biofilms in chronic infections Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 14/06/2018
866417BX Nanopore flow control and metrology for smart surfaces Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/05/2018
CMEES-ECC-369 Interdisciplinary PhD Studentships in Energy, People and Sustainable Living Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 15/09/2017
893017BX EngSci-ET-374: Robust and Predictive Energy Management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 04/07/2018
ENGSCI-MATS-380 PhD Studentship: Fatigue evaluations of additive manufactured materials in novel heat exchanger designs Engineering & the Environment 29/09/2017
AACE-CED-326 PhD Studentship: Large-scale simulations of shock-wave/boundary-layer interactions Engineering & the Environment 30/09/2017
872817F2 PhD Studentship: Modeling of the electrospray process for application in spacecraft propulsion Engineering & the Environment 18/05/2018
872917F2 PhD Studentship: High Performance Computing Micromagnetics Engineering & the Environment 18/05/2018
873017F2 PhD Studentship: Nanoscale Perovskites for Energy Harvesting Engineering & the Environment 18/05/2018
870817F2 PhD Studentship: Development of behavioural deterrents to protect the European eel at dams and power stations Engineering & the Environment 12/05/2018
871217F2 PhD Studentship: The derivation and integration of detailed particle characteristics to enhance particle numerical methods Engineering & the Environment 12/05/2018
870117F2 PhD Studentship: Characterisation of short crack growth behaviour in a notch stress field under varying block loading cycles in steam turbine blade material Engineering & the Environment 11/05/2018
870217F2 PhD Studentship: Photoresponsive nanocomposite coatings for anti-laser dazzling in aviation safety Engineering & the Environment 11/05/2018
870317F2 PhD Studentship: Acoustic emission of the knee joint for prediction of implant failure Engineering & the Environment 11/05/2018
869517F2 PhD Studentship: 3D mapping of geometrically complex seafloor infrastructures using marine vehicles Engineering & the Environment 09/05/2018
862317F2 PhD Studentship: Low cost printed pressure sensors for stability monitoring of earthworks Engineering & the Environment 12/04/2018
862417F2 PhD Studentship: Loading of railway earthworks Engineering & the Environment 26/04/2018
858417F2 PhD Studentship: A porous micro-electrospray propulsion system for cubesats. Engineering & the Environment 03/04/2018
857417F2 PhD Studentship: Practical Analysis of Computational Mechanism Design Engineering & the Environment 29/03/2018
857517F2 PhD Studentship: Computational modelling of microstructure fibre draws Engineering & the Environment 29/03/2018
857617F2 PhD Studentship: Simulations of reactions in high energy materials Engineering & the Environment 29/03/2018
857817F2 PhD Studentship: Data rich imaging approaches assessing early fatigue crack growth mechanisms in Ni base superalloys Engineering & the Environment 29/03/2018
848817F2 PhD Studentship: Data rich imaging approaches assessing early fatigue crack growth mechanisms in Ni base superalloys. Engineering & the Environment 09/03/2018
849017F2 PhD Studentship: Development of integrated horizontal fish screen / bypass / fish pass system Engineering & the Environment 09/03/2018
849117F2 PhD Studentship: Using Real Options Analysis to Manage Financial and Environmental Risks in Major Transport Infrastructure Projects Engineering & the Environment 09/03/2018
849217F2 PhD Studentship: New DIC-based material test standards: design and validation. Engineering & the Environment 09/03/2018
849317F2 PhD Studentship: Next Generation Dynamic Fracture Methods using Ultra-High Speed Imaging. Engineering & the Environment 09/03/2018
849417F2 PhD Studentship: Tailorable Nanocomposite-Coated Porous Materials: Influence of Template Material and Architecture. Engineering & the Environment 09/03/2018
847017F2 PhD Studentship: Biscuit Baking Modelling. Engineering & the Environment 16/03/2018
838517F2 PhD Studentship: Dispersion in turbulent boundary layers Engineering & the Environment 10/02/2018
838617F2 PhD Studentship: Massively parallel adaptive lattice Boltzmann simulation for wind turbine applications. Engineering & the Environment 24/02/2018
838317F2 PhD Studentship: Understanding the early universe using simulations of Lattice Quantum Field Theory. Engineering & the Environment 09/02/2018
837217F2 PhD Studentship: Sensitivity of turbulent flow to wall roughness – approach based on invariant solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations. Engineering & the Environment 01/09/2017
837417F2 PhD Studentship: Theoretical and computational peridynamics for fracture of materials and structures Engineering & the Environment 07/02/2018
837517F2 PhD Studentship: A symbolic-numeric integrative modelling framework for skin biophysics. Engineering & the Environment 07/02/2018
835917F2 CDT-SIS-159: The influence of hydrodynamics on the collective behaviour of fish: an ecohydraulics approach to mitigating environmental impacts of water and energy infrastructure Engineering & the Environment 03/02/2018
836017F2 PhD Studentship: Microstructure, properties and fatigue behaviour of multiple metallic materials manufactured by novel 3D printing technique. Engineering & the Environment 03/02/2018
836217F2 PhD Studentship: Development of an Advanced High Temperature Xenon Resistojet Thruster for Telecommunication Spacecraft Propulsion Engineering & the Environment 03/02/2018
827617F2 PhD Studentship: Green’s function modelling of optically active nanoparticles embedded in soft matter. Engineering & the Environment 17/01/2018
828117F2 PhD Studentship: Data Integration of ‘omic data using Differential Bayesian Networks. Engineering & the Environment 17/01/2018
821816F2 PhD Studentship: Computational Modelling of Nonlinear Infrasound Propagation through the Atmosphere Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
821916F2 PhD Studentship: Network modelling of two-phase flow through porous medium Engineering & the Environment 21/12/2017
822016F2 PhD Studentship: Hydrodynamics of sorption Engineering & the Environment 21/12/2017
822116F2 PhD Studentship: Vibration enhancement of miscible flows Engineering & the Environment 21/12/2017
822216F2 PhD Studentship: Toward an identification of the Nature of Dark Matter (DM) with numerical simulations Engineering & the Environment 21/12/2017
820216F2 PhD Studentship: Efficient simulation of x-ray scattering Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820316F2 PhD Studentship: Flexible sheets in turbulent flow Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820416F2 PhD Studentship: Reduction of high-dimensional stochastic simulations of biochemical network models. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820516F2 PhD Studentship: Hardware Acceleration of Exome Sequencing Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820616F2 PhD Studentship: Dual energy x-ray tomographic reconstruction from arbitrary scan trajectories Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820716F2 PhD Studentship: High Performance Computing Micromagnetics Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820816F2 PhD Studentship: Simulations of lubricant additive and surface-coating interactions Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820916F2 PhD Studentship: Probing the co-evolution of super-massive black holes and their host galaxies via state-of-the-art, semi-empirical, galaxy evolution cosmological models. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
708116F2 PhD Studentship: Developing the next generation of large-scale quantum chemistry simulations Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
708616F2 PhD Studentship: New methods for drug design based on large-scale first principles quantum mechanics. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
699916F2 PhD Studentship: Radiative Transfer and Hydrodynamic Modelling of Disk Winds in Quasars. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
693316F2 PhD Studentship: Modelling of plasma kinetics in miniature Pulsed Plasma Thrusters. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
693416F2 PhD Studentship: Higgs Boson Signals in b-jet Dynamics at the Large Hadron Collider. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
408314F2 PhD Studentship: Simulation of biological systems at long length and distance scales Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
685416F2 PhD Studentship: Design and optimisation of bio-inspired programmable surfaces with active materials. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
682516F2 PhD Studentship: Towards Decoding the Fundamental Theory of Nature at the Large Hadron Collider. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
675816F2 PhD Studentship: Multiphysics modelling of the optical, thermal and mechanical properties of plasmonic nanostructures. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
665815F2 PhD Studentship: The molecular simulation approach to facilitate the fight against 'superbugs'. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
665915F2 PhD Studentship: Quarks and gluons on High Performance Computers. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
855117BX PhD Studentship: Fatigue initiation and propagation optimization in complex layered bearing architectures. Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 23/03/2018
843917BX PhD Studentship: Strain rate sensitive properties of skin Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 23/02/2018
826017BX PhD Studentship: Development of CMOS compatible non-volatile resistive memories Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 13/01/2018
826117BX PhD Studentship: Biomechanical studies for upper limb rehabilitations Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 13/01/2018
888817WR PhD Studentship (South Coast DTP) - Small Businesses, Place and Industrial Success Geography & Environment 30/09/2017
887317WR PhD Studentship (South Coast DTP) - Place-based Industrial Strategy in Low-Growth Local Economies Geography & Environment 30/09/2017
868817KR PhD Studentship: Developing evidence based hearing standards for the Police Service ISVR 07/05/2018
659315KR PhD Studentship: Improving speech intelligibility for hearing impaired using deep neural networks. ISVR 20/12/2017
642115AT PhD Studentship: Fibre reinforcement for railway ballast Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 02/10/2017
906517FP PhD Studentship: Zinc Oxide NanoFET Sensor for MicroRNA Biomarkers Electronics & Computer Science 30/10/2017
873317FP PhD studentship: A.G.Leventis PhD Studentship - Nanotechnology Electronics & Computer Science 30/09/2017
901117EH PhD Studentship: Study of techniques for efficient nonlinear frequency conversion of high power fibre lasers to the visible wavelength band Optoelectronics Research Centre 15/09/2017
885917EH PhD Studentship: Hollow beam lasers and laser processing Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
882817EH PhD Studentship: Laser modification of materials at the micro- and nanoscale for photonics and information technology Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
875617F7 PhD Studentship: Bismuth doped optical fibres: fabrication and development of ultra-broadband fibre amplifiers and short pulse fibre lasers Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
875917EH PhD Studentship: Dynamic Displacement Measurement Techniques for Shock Physics Applications Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
876117EH PhD Studentship: Beam-Shaping for High-Precision High-Speed Laser-Based Manufacturing Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
875017EH PhD studentship: Composite material nonlinear all fibre devices Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
875317EH PhD Studentship: Quasi-phase-matched (QPM) materials for active sensing in the infrared waveband Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
867517EH PhD Studentship: Optical-based data storage for aerospace Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
851617EH PhD Studentship: Development of high-performance nonlinear optical crystals Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
851717EH PhD Studentship: Laser processed Silicon/Ferroelectric photonics Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
816716EH PhD Studentship: Mid-infrared nonlinear photonics in group IV semiconductor waveguides Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
816816EH PhD Studentship: Semiconductor devices for nonlinear photonics and applications Optoelectronics Research Centre 31/08/2017
861517EB PhD Studentship – Sustainable Routes to High Value Fine Chemicals Chemistry 31/08/2017
861617EB PhD Studentship – Organic Synthesis using Electrochemical Flow Reactors: Chemistry 31/08/2017
843217WF PhD Studentship: Chemical synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles and their applications in Physical and Biomedical sciences Physics & Astronomy 31/08/2017
892317KR PhD Studentship: X-ray tomographic image reconstruction with missing data from components of known shape ISVR 15/05/2018
811016KR PhD Studentship Scatter reduction methods for high energy X-ray Computed Tomography ISVR 22/11/2017
676016KR PhD Studentship: Computational Methods for Ultrafast Volumetric Imaging. ISVR 20/12/2017
672415KR PhD Studentship: Fast, large scale optimisation algorithms for tomographic image reconstruction. ISVR 20/12/2017
901417CC PhD Studentship (South Coast DTP / Office for National Statistics) - Developing geodemographic classification methods for the 2021 UK Censuses of Population Social Sciences 30/09/2017
887117CC PhD Studentship (South Coast DTP) - Flexible careers? New skills acquisitions over the life course Social Sciences 30/09/2017
897317TR PhD Studentship (South Coast DTP) - SmartApp Financial Risk Management with Advanced Robust Risk Optimization Methods Southampton Business School 30/09/2017
887017PJ Comparing Baseline Adjustment Techniques in Individual and Community Randomized Trials Mathematical Sciences 02/04/2018
904717AT PhD Studentship: Sociotechnical approaches to Road Safety in Low-Middle Income Countries Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 30/09/2017
907417AT PhD Studentship: Development of a sustainable, hydro-powered water saving irrigation system Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 06/10/2017
881617AT PhD Studentship: Nature-based hydraulic drop structures for water abstractions in rivers Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 06/06/2018
670115AT PhD Studentship: Design and testing of innovative fish-friendly river flow gauging structures Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 09/03/2018
843517FP PhD Studentship: Place Name Disambiguation using Semantic Web Technologies Electronics & Computer Science 31/08/2017
872117BX Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher PhD fellowship: Frictional properties of 2D materials - optimising TMD design to achieve minimum friction Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 29/09/2017
869217BX PhD Studentship: Lubrication of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 07/05/2018
867817BX PhD Studentship: Surface texturing for hydrodynamic bearings Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/05/2018
858517BX PhD Studentship: Wire and arc additive manufacture for maritime construction – assessment of structural integrity and degradation in service environments Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 03/04/2018
830017BX PhD Studentship: Raised efficiency of rolling contact by multiscale modelling Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 24/01/2018
830117BX PhD Studentship: Further Understanding of Rolling Contact Fatigue in Rolling Bearings. Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 24/01/2018
NGCM-0056 PhD Studentship: Bridging the gap – multiscale tribological simulation of 2D materials Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 20/12/2017
682316BX PhD Studentship: Generalised asymptotic numerical methods for surface instability problems in biological systems Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 20/12/2017

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