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PhD Studentship (Funded)

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Most recently released opportunities are listed first
Reference Title Division/Prof Service Closing Date
840217KR ISVR-FDAG-135: Fan proximity acoustic treatments for improved noise suppression in turbofan engines (Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN SmartAnswer ISVR 31/03/2017
833517KR Invention to Prevent Food Poisoning: Ultrasonic Salad Cleaning ISVR 31/05/2017
833617KR Ultrasonic Invention for Handwashing Sufficient to Combat Superbugs ISVR 31/05/2017
833717KR Ultrasonic invention to effectively control dental plaque biofilms ISVR 31/05/2017
711316KR PhD Studentship: Acoustic Characterisation of Materials with Complex Structure ISVR 22/03/2017
822516AK PhD Studentship: Flow Modelling and Control for Agile Delta Wings Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/09/2017
822716AK PhD Studentship: Cavity collapses in complex geometries Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/12/2017
571515AK PhD in Experimental Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 06/07/2017
752216AK PhD Studentship: Modelling transitional flow for aerospace engineering Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 30/06/2017
729816AK PhD Studentship: High-speed aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of an aerofoil with a wavy leading edge Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/05/2017
723316AK PhD Studentship: Increasing the Performance and Reducing the Energy Use of Domestic and Commercial Shower Systems Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/09/2017
686316AK PhD Studentship: Adaptive high-dimensional computational methods for turbulent combustion. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 20/12/2017
682616AK PhD Studentship: Modelling the flow of glass during the draw of microstructure optical fibres. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 22/12/2017
676216AK PhD Studentship: Flow Modelling and Control for Agile Delta Wings. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 20/12/2017
666615AK PhD Studentship: Dispersion in turbulent boundary layers Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/06/2017
661615AK PhD Studentship: Computational Solution of Plasma for Aerodynamics and Spacecraft Applications. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 20/12/2017
827917FP PhD Studentship: Long-term autonomy for robust multirobot systems Electronics & Computer Science 31/08/2017
791816FP PhD Studentships: Cyber Security Electronics & Computer Science 01/05/2017
824617PJ Modelling biofilm dynamics Mathematical Sciences 10/01/2018
670015PJ PhD Studentship: Multiscale modelling of defect and particles in liquid crystals. Mathematical Sciences 20/12/2017
831417AK PhD Studentship: Numerical and Experimental Study on Plasma and Electromagnetic Wave Interaction in a Weakly Ionized Flow Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 26/01/2018
818316AK PhD Studentship: Development of an Integrated Microwave Propulsion Architecture for Telecommunication Satellites Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 15/12/2017
781716AK PhD Studentship: Development of the Inductive Cathode Arc Thruster (iCAT) for highly efficient spacecraft propulsion Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 15/09/2017
730116AK PhD Studentship: Sub-Newton hydrogen peroxide thruster for spacecraft propulsion Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 04/05/2017
830317BX PhD Studentship: Bubbles for bone: acoustic stimulation for drug delivery in fracture repair. Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 24/01/2018
817216BX PhD Studentship: Modulating mechanobiology and blood supply to improve bone strength in Paget’s disease Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/12/2017
816916BX PhD Studentship: Digital histopathology resource for image-based diagnosis Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/12/2017
770016BX PhD Studentship: Multiscale modeling of nitrogen uptake from the soil by plant roots Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/03/2017
696416BX PhD Studentship: Computational Analysis of Neuromuscular Control of Skeletal Loading Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 23/02/2017
530715BX PhD Studentship: Comparative chemical mapping of plant-soil interaction Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/03/2017
503214BX PhD Studentship: Examination of healthy and diseased bone at the cellular level to inform computational modelling of bone mechanotransduction Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 01/12/2017
836617BJ PhD Studentship – Regulation of kinetochore function by protein phosphatases Centre for Biological Sciences 13/03/2017
836817BJ PhD Studentship – Understanding the dynamics and diversity of microglia in the healthy and ageing brain Centre for Biological Sciences 03/03/2017
834717BJ PhD Studentship – Understanding the role of early-life inflammation on the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease Centre for Biological Sciences 05/03/2017
835017BJ PhD Studentship – Modelling decision making in C. elegans to understand neural mechanisms of major psychiatric disorders Centre for Biological Sciences 01/03/2017
833917BJ PhD Studentship – The genetics and developmental biology of cell division in mammary stem cells Centre for Biological Sciences 17/03/2017
834017BJ PhD Studentship – Investigating the mechanisms of mitophagy. Centre for Biological Sciences 13/03/2017
833017BJ PhD Studentship – Functional analysis of sodium/glucose cotransporter 1 (SGLT1), a potential therapeutic target for PTEN-inactive breast cancer Centre for Biological Sciences 10/03/2017
832517BJ PhD Studentship – Using Exosomes to Enhance Neurite Outgrowth and Repair Centre for Biological Sciences 10/03/2017
836417EB PhD Studentship – Understanding bubble dynamics in sonicated edible lipids to improve their physicochemical properties Chemistry 30/06/2017
836517EB PhD Studentship – An interdisciplinary pipeline for progressing cyclic peptides hits to small molecule inhibitors. Chemistry 31/08/2017
826417EB Fully-funded PhD Studentship in Label-free Vibrational Imaging Techniques for Applications in Bio-Chemical Analysis Chemistry 31/03/2017
823317EB PhD Studentship – Realistic simulations of supported metal nanoparticle catalysts Chemistry 31/08/2017
820116EB PhD Studentship – Hyperpolarized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemistry 31/08/2017
817116EB Label-free Vibrational Imaging Techniques for Applications in Bio-Chemical Analysis Chemistry 01/03/2017
812116EB PhD Studentship – Design, synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Small Molecule Modulators of Cell Signalling in Cancer Chemistry 31/03/2017
812216EB PhD Studentship in Materials Chemistry: Porous Hosts for Growth of Nanostructured Semiconductors Chemistry 30/06/2017
812316EB PhD Studentship in Inorganic Coordination Chemistry for Precursor Development Chemistry 30/06/2017
715916AK PhD Studentship: Design Optimization in the Presence of Topological Variations Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 01/09/2017
689316AK PhD Studentship: Modelling aggregation processes of magnetic nanostructures in cellular environments Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 31/08/2017
686216AK PhD Studentship: Design under uncertainty of a shape memory alloy replacement heart valve. Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 20/12/2017
367514AK PhD Studentship: Design and simulation of reconfigurable optical fibres Aeronautics, Astronautics & Computational Engineering 17/03/2017
659215MM PhD Studentship: A Flight Dynamics and Control Computational Framework for Morphing Aircraft. Education Hub (Engineering & the Env) 20/12/2017
659615MM PhD Studentship: Efficient algorithms for simulating biofilm formation. Education Hub (Engineering & the Env) 20/12/2017
659815MM PhD Studentship:Investigating systemic risk, moral hazard, and regulatory policies in networks of connected banks. Education Hub (Engineering & the Env) 20/12/2017
807516BX PhD Studentship: Surface texturing of lightweight alloys for low friction automotive applications Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 30/06/2017
838517F2 PhD Studentship: Dispersion in turbulent boundary layers Engineering & the Environment 10/02/2018
838617F2 PhD Studentship: Massively parallel adaptive lattice Boltzmann simulation for wind turbine applications. Engineering & the Environment 24/02/2018
838317F2 PhD Studentship: Understanding the early universe using simulations of Lattice Quantum Field Theory. Engineering & the Environment 09/02/2018
837217F2 PhD Studentship: Sensitivity of turbulent flow to wall roughness – approach based on invariant solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations. Engineering & the Environment 01/09/2017
837417F2 PhD Studentship: Theoretical and computational peridynamics for fracture of materials and structures Engineering & the Environment 07/02/2018
837517F2 PhD Studentship: A symbolic-numeric integrative modelling framework for skin biophysics. Engineering & the Environment 07/02/2018
835917F2 CDT-SIS-159: The influence of hydrodynamics on the collective behaviour of fish: an ecohydraulics approach to mitigating environmental impacts of water and energy infrastructure Engineering & the Environment 03/02/2018
836017F2 PhD Studentship: Microstructure and property of multiple metallic materials manufactured by novel 3D printing technique. Engineering & the Environment 03/02/2018
836217F2 PhD Studentship: Development of an Advanced High Temperature Xenon Resistojet Thruster for Telecommunication Spacecraft Propulsion Engineering & the Environment 03/02/2018
828117F2 PhD Studentship: Data Integration of ‘omic data using Differential Bayesian Networks. Engineering & the Environment 17/01/2018
827617F2 PhD Studentship: Green’s function modelling of optically active nanoparticles embedded in soft matter. Engineering & the Environment 17/01/2018
821816F2 PhD Studentship: Computational Modelling of Nonlinear Infrasound Propagation through the Atmosphere Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
821916F2 PhD Studentship: Network modelling of two-phase flow through porous medium Engineering & the Environment 21/12/2017
822016F2 PhD Studentship: Hydrodynamics of sorption Engineering & the Environment 21/12/2017
822116F2 PhD Studentship: Vibration enhancement of miscible flows Engineering & the Environment 21/12/2017
822216F2 PhD Studentship: Toward an identification of the Nature of Dark Matter (DM) with numerical simulations Engineering & the Environment 21/12/2017
820216F2 PhD Studentship: Efficient simulation of x-ray scattering Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820316F2 PhD Studentship: Flexible sheets in turbulent flow Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820416F2 PhD Studentship: Reduction of high-dimensional stochastic simulations of biochemical network models. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820516F2 PhD Studentship: Hardware Acceleration of Exome Sequencing Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820616F2 PhD Studentship: Dual energy x-ray tomographic reconstruction from arbitrary scan trajectories Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820716F2 PhD Studentship: High Performance Computing Micromagnetics Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820816F2 PhD Studentship: Simulations of lubricant additive and surface-coating interactions Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
820916F2 PhD Studentship: Probing the co-evolution of super-massive black holes and their host galaxies via state-of-the-art, semi-empirical, galaxy evolution cosmological models. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
758216F2 PhD Studentship: Enhancing Autonomous Guidance & Navigation with Deep Learning AI Technologies. Engineering & the Environment 14/07/2017
749916F2 PhD Studentship: Modelling of a magnetically enhanced plasma actuator for re-entry vehicle. Engineering & the Environment 22/06/2017
708116F2 PhD Studentship: Developing the next generation of large-scale quantum chemistry simulations Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
708616F2 PhD Studentship: New methods for drug design based on large-scale first principles quantum mechanics. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
705116F2 PhD Studentship: Computer models and algorithms for topological complexes with applications to biomedical data. Engineering & the Environment 15/03/2017
699916F2 PhD Studentship: Radiative Transfer and Hydrodynamic Modelling of Disk Winds in Quasars. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
693316F2 PhD Studentship: Modelling of plasma kinetics in miniature Pulsed Plasma Thrusters. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
693416F2 PhD Studentship: Higgs Boson Signals in b-jet Dynamics at the Large Hadron Collider. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
408314F2 PhD Studentship: Simulation of biological systems at long length and distance scales Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
685416F2 PhD Studentship: Design and optimisation of bio-inspired programmable surfaces with active materials. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
682516F2 PhD Studentship: Towards Decoding the Fundamental Theory of Nature at the Large Hadron Collider. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
675816F2 PhD Studentship: Multiphysics modelling of the optical, thermal and mechanical properties of plasmonic nanostructures. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
665815F2 PhD Studentship: The molecular simulation approach to facilitate the fight against 'superbugs'. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
665915F2 PhD Studentship: Quarks and gluons on High Performance Computers. Engineering & the Environment 20/12/2017
826017BX PhD Studentship: Development of CMOS compatible non-volatile resistive memories Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 13/01/2018
826117BX PhD Studentship: Biomechanical studies for upper limb rehabilitations Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 13/01/2018
696716BX PhD Studentship: Mechanisms of life enhancement by laser shock peening surface treatment Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 24/02/2017
775316BX PhD Studentship: Large Area Transient Electronics Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 25/08/2017
775416BX PhD Studentship: Perovskite Solar Cells on Large Area Substrates Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 25/08/2017
711016AT PhD Studentship: Assessment of ship powering performance using machine learning techniques Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 22/03/2017
659315KR PhD Studentship: Improving speech intelligibility for hearing impaired using deep neural networks. ISVR 20/12/2017
746516AT CMEES-INF-131: Advanced composite structural elements using insitu membrane formwork Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 15/06/2017
667215AT PhD Studentship: Novel Integrated Imaging Approaches for Damage Characterisation of Composite Materials and Structures Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 01/06/2017
642115AT PhD Studentship: Fibre reinforcement for railway ballast Civil, Maritime & Environmental Engineering & Science Unit 02/10/2017
828717FP PhD Studentship: Bio-inspired Nanosensors Electronics & Computer Science 31/05/2017
813316FP PhD Studentship: Nano-electronics Electronics & Computer Science 01/05/2017
813216FP PhD Studentship: Resistive Random Access Memory Electronics & Computer Science 01/05/2017
826917EH PhD Studentship - Photonics-assisted generation of ultrapure high-bandwidth signals Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/06/2017
827017EH PhD Studentship - Photonics-assisted generation of ultrapure high-bandwidth signals Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/06/2017
819716EH PhD Scholarship: Development of multi-hollow core microstructured optical fibres Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/06/2017
819816EH PhD Studentship: Design and simulation of single photon memory devices Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/06/2017
817016EH PhD Studentship: Mid-Infrared Silicon Photonic Devices for Environmental Sensing and Medical Applications Optoelectronics Research Centre 28/07/2017
816716EH PhD Studentship: Mid-infrared nonlinear photonics in group IV semiconductor waveguides Optoelectronics Research Centre 28/07/2017
816816EH PhD Studentship: Semiconductor devices for nonlinear photonics and applications Optoelectronics Research Centre 28/07/2017
812616EH PhD Studentship: Fibre lasers for sensors Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/05/2017
812716EH PhD Studentship: Materials Discovery for Photonic Metamaterials Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/05/2017
812816EH PhD Studentship: Nanostructured photonic metamaterials on fibre-optic platforms Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/05/2017
812916EH PhD Studentship: Novel nano-mechanical materials and devices for photonics Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/05/2017
813016EH PhD Studentship: Ultrafast Dynamics in Photonic Metamaterials Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/05/2017
813116EH PhD Studentship: Jet Engine Sound Field Measurement Using Optical Fibre Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/05/2017
791916EH PhD Studentship - Optical components for next generation quantum technology systems Optoelectronics Research Centre 01/05/2017
842417EB PhD Studentship – The design and synthesis of fluorinated model compounds to investigate the influence of fluorination on lipophilicity and hydrogen bonding Chemistry 16/03/2017
842517EB PhD Studentship – Organic synthesis and applications of small molecule endofullerenes Chemistry 31/05/2017
813416WF PhD Studentship: Nanomaterials Physics & Astronomy 01/05/2017
831317KR PhD Studentship: X-ray tomographic image reconstruction with missing data from components of known shape. ISVR 15/05/2017
811016KR PhD Studentship Scatter reduction methods for high energy X-ray Computed Tomography ISVR 22/11/2017
810016KR PhD Studentship: Microphone array processing to reduce the effect of reflections in estimating drive-by noise with static vehicles ISVR 28/02/2017
803316KR PhD Studentship: Design of warning-sound sources for electric vehicles to minimise drive-by noise ISVR 28/02/2017
783416KR PhD Studentship: Active Vibration Control using Nonlinear Electrical Damping ISVR 28/02/2017
681116KR PhD Studentship: Acoustic Black Holes for Control of Structural Vibration and Sound Radiation ISVR 03/04/2017
681216KR PhD Studentship: Novel Remote Sensing Strategies for the Active Control of Sound Radiation ISVR 03/04/2017
676016KR PhD Studentship: Computational Methods for Ultrafast Volumetric Imaging. ISVR 20/12/2017
672415KR PhD Studentship: Fast, large scale optimisation algorithms for tomographic image reconstruction. ISVR 20/12/2017
525815KR PhD Studentship:Active Acoustic Metamaterials for High Performance Noise and Vibration Control ISVR 03/04/2017
839117TR Industrial Case PhD Studentship Southampton Business School 20/03/2017
827217FP iPhD studentship: in the Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training Electronics & Computer Science 31/03/2017
830017BX PhD Studentship: Raised efficiency of rolling contact by multiscale modelling Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 24/01/2018
830117BX PhD Studentship: Further Understanding of Rolling Contact Fatigue in Rolling Bearings. Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 24/01/2018
754316BX PhD Studentship: Bearing Sensing to Improve Wind Turbine Gearbox Reliability Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 06/07/2017
NGCM-0056 PhD Studentship: Bridging the gap – multiscale tribological simulation of 2D materials Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 20/12/2017
682316BX PhD Studentship: Generalised asymptotic numerical methods for surface instability problems in biological systems Engineering Sciences Unit (ESU) 20/12/2017

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